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Invite love, laughter, and life into your living rooms With premium stylish & durable TV Cabinets

Customization Excellence

With a myriad of personalized options tailored to your needs, because we understand that every home is as unique as its inhabitants.


Dasos provides free design consultation to understand your space and design furniture for you and not the other way around.


Dasos believes in quality that is timeless and durable. Hence the carcasses of the fixed furniture are made with premium birch-plywood and the shutters with HDHMR


Your living room is the face of your home and a reflection of your personality. Dasos offers a choice of vibrant color options that can be customized to match your interiors


From sandblasted veneer, high gloss, matt, sandwiched glass, or wicker Dasos aims to spoil you with choice, when it comes to the finish of your TV units because you deserve the best.


Dasos understands that every living room has a multi-faceted personality and hence offers adaptability in all possible situations, through exclusive fitting solutions.

USPs / Offerings The Dasos Promise!

5 Years

Dasos extends a 5-year warranty on the material & fittings of your cabinets


Dasos offers a choice of more than 6000 color & finish options, for TV units designed exclusively for your space

45 Day Timeline

Dasos promises to deliver your TV units within 45 days

Budget Clarity / No
hidden costs

Dasos believes in maintaining transparency in communication right from design consultation to delivery, hence offering precise clarity on budgets

Top Quality Material
& Finish

Dasos takes pride in its expert craftsmanship that’s skilled in achieving top-quality results, every time.

Dasos Cabinets Process

We specialize in exporting shaker-style ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets to North America.

Design Consultation

The experienced Design team at Dasos will get in touch with you, to visit your site and understand your requirements. You can also visit the Dasos experience center to get an idea of the different available designs.


The team would then be able to suggest a design based on your layout, that can meet both aesthetic and functional expectations

Final 3D
Design Render

A final 3D render will be presented basis the design, material, finish, and customization options chosen by you

Transparent Quotation

An inclusive quotation with no additional charges basis the final 3D render will be presented before the start of the project


German precision technology and intelligent design systems are deployed at Dasos’ state-of-the-art production facility, which you’re free to visit at any point during the project

On Time

Daosos commits to a 45-day delivery timeline
» No extensions » No unwarranted delays » No surprises.

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