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wall cabinets
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wall cabinets
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Wall Cabinets Specifications

We specialize in exporting shaker-style ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets to North America.

Constructed by
12" Birchply

The cabinet box is constructed using 12" Birchply and has one side coated with a UV clear coat and the other side painted to match the door finish.

1/2" Plywood

The interior of the cabinet has a 1/2" plywood panel that fits into the face frame, and there is a 1/4" side reveal prior to the application of the skin.

Birchply, Is
3/4" Thick

The adjustable shelf is made of Birchply, is 3/4" thick, and has a front edge banding.

11/2" Solid Wood

The face frame is made of 11/2" solid wood, HDHMR, or MDF, and is painted.

Center Panel in
Solid Wood

The painted doors are made of five pieces with a solid center panel in solid wood, HDHMR, or MDF.

Adjusted In Six
Different Ways

Additionally, each hinge comes with an internal soft-close mechanism and can be adjusted in six different ways.

Beside are the finishes
Available at DASOS

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